Texted Details

Text the word PHMV to 31996 to have our church details sent to your phone.

Electronic Giving Guide


Each of the electronic giving options require setting up your payment preferences. We recommend the following:

    • Create an account.
      • This not only greatly simplifies all future donations, it also enables you to obtain a receipt at the end of the year.
    • Use the “Bank Account” option.
      • Setup is easier (only requires routing and account numbers).
      • The fees to the church are less than debit/credit cards.
      • Details never have to be updated (whereas cards automatically expire, and have to be maintained).

Below are details for the specific types of electronic giving.

SecureGive® Vision App

      • Download app from your mobile app store.
      • When you first open the app, choose “Sign Up.”
      • Setup your payment preference (see Recommendations).
      • Enter amounts into the appropriate categories, and complete your donation.


      • Our number for text-to-give is: 623-244-5757
      • The first time you use text-to-give, you will receive a link to setup your SecureGive® account. Follow and complete.
      • Text an amount to give to the Tithes/Offerings category. For example:
        • Texting "10" by itself would contribute $10.00 to Tithes/Offerings
      • You can give to other categories by using the following codes, followed by a space, and followed by an amount:
        • TO (Tithes/Offerings)
        • OR (Outreach/Pledges)
        • LO (Love Offering)
        • OTH (Other offering, e.g. revival, special need, etc.)
        • For example:
          • Texting “OR 10” would contribute $10.00 to Outreach.
          • Texting “LO 10” would contribute $10.00 to Love Offering (for a guest speaker).
          • Texting “OTH 10” would contribute $10.00 to a special offering (typically in response to a specific offering described in the service).


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